For Your Convenience I have Over 200 Awards Sites Here

  1. Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence

  2. Blue Ribbon Grand Champion Award

  3. Boss' Excellent Web Site Seal of Approval

  4. Bow Award

  5. Bubba's Yippee Award

  6. Callie's Very Best Choice Award

  7. Charmayne's Choice 4 Kids-I'm a Winner!!

  8. Charmayne's Personal Choice

  9. Chocolate Chip Best Web Cookie Award

  10. Chris' Cobwebs of the Month

  11. Circle of Light Award

  12. City of Angels

  13. Clara's Angel Award for Outstanding Websites

  14. Clara's Website Presentation Award

  15. CMR Custom Graphics Silver Award

  16. CMR Custom Graphics Web Site Award

  17. Cool Award

  18. Cool Home Page of My Choice

  19. Cool Pet Site of the Day

  20. Cool Site of The Nite Award

  21. Corona Vallari's Web Best Award

  22. Cortney's Web Picks

  23. Cyber Teddy Award

  24. D'Spirit's You Touched My Heart

  25. Dan's Cool Site of the Week Award

  26. Daughters of the Wolf Award

  27. Dfairy's Twinkle

  28. Digby's Four Paws Pick of the Day

  29. Eddie's Award of Excellence

  30. Elegance on the Web Award

  31. Elizabeth's Award of Excellence

  32. Enchantment Award

  33. Ettienne's Five Star Award of Excellence

  34. Excellence in Webpage Design Award

  35. Extreme Design Award

  36. Eye Opener Award

  37. Fairy Excellence Award

  38. Family-Friendly Award

  39. Featured Featured Family PC Fun

  40. Fingeroot's Award for Excellence

  41. Foundation Award for Youth Services

  42. Foxx's Funhouse Best of the Best

  43. Friend of the Sun Award of Excellence

  44. Gamelan JavaScript What's Cool

  45. Gee Place Award

  46. Gina's Award for Homepage Excellence

  47. Gold Standard for Personal Pages

  48. Gold VIP Award for Website Excellence

  49. GraeWolve's Cool Picks

  50. Granny's Guest is a Star

  51. Grant's Majestic Award

  52. Gunny's Award for Moral Integrity

  53. Gwinckle's Silver Homepage Award

  54. Heavenly Site Award for Homepage Excellence

  55. Helpful Sites Award

  56. Hexagon's Forte Award

  57. Home Grown Excellence Award

  58. Horizon Award

  59. Hot 5 Site by Annika

  60. House of Rain Site of the Month Award

  61. HS Web Design Award

  62. I Love Your Site

  63. Ice Maiden's Entertaining & Awesome Site

  64. Iconia Silver Award

  65. IMCOMP's Award of Elegance

  66. Infigan's Graphic Award

  67. Inkspot's Author Site of the Month

  68. Internet Xchange's SODA

  69. Ironman's Award

  70. Jaffe's Pick Platinum Site

  71. Jaine's Wild Web Page

  72. Jewel Of the Web Award

  73. Jewel of the Week Award

  74. Just 4 Kids Winner Site of the Day

  75. Just For Kids Award

  76. JW's Excellent Website Award

  77. Kaptivations Choice Premium Personal Web Page

  78. Kat's Pick of the Litter Award

  79. KidsWeb Member Hall of Fame

  80. Kidz Imaginations Award of Creativity

  81. King of the Jungle Award

  82. Koala's #1 Cool Award

  83. Kool's Web Award

  84. Krazy Kitty's Golden Collar Award

  85. Krista's Cool Page Award

  86. Kyleen's Kewl Site of the Week

  87. Lady Morathi's Award for Web Excellence

  88. Lady Shel's Shining Star Award

  89. Laslo's Web Page Design Excellence Award

  90. Laurel's Cool Award

  91. Leslie's MST3K Site Award

  92. Lilac's Dove of Peace Award

  93. Lilac's Dove of Peace Award

  94. Live Long and Prosper Award

  95. Lucky Black Cat's Award

  96. Mac's Picks of the Week

  97. Mark's Award Cool Graphics & Web Design

  98. Matt's Seal of Approval

  99. Maverick's Award

  100. Michael Betz's Bunny Award for Best Web Pages

  101. Might Grapholina's Excellence in Design Award

  102. Mike's Web Award

  103. MP's Cyberspace Golden Leaf Award

  104. Ms. Analysis' Precious Page Award

  105. Munch & Cam's Best Support Pet Award

  106. NetGiver Award

  107. NOW! Award for a Perfect Site

  108. Official Bottom 95% of All Websites

  109. Oksana Runs to See Award

  110. Outstanding Grandparent's Award

  111. Pam's Award of Excellence

  112. Patty's Place Award Hottest Site of the Week

  113. Paul's Pick

  114. Phantasm Award

  115. Phenomenal Women of the Web

  116. PHPA Winner

  117. Pick of the Pack Award

  118. Pooh's Pick

  119. PRN Radio Network Award of Excellence

  120. Psychite's Site Award

  121. Queen of the Web Award

  122. Rad Graphics Award for a Fantastic Web Site

  123. Raja's Cool Page Award

  124. Randall Central's Dream Catcher Award

  125. Random MagicK's Wings of Fantasy Award

  126. Reader's Award

  127. Rei's Cool Site Award

  128. Retta's Hands Across the Web Award

  129. Rex's Choice Out of the World Kid Site

  130. Rhett's Cool Site of Da'Week Award

  131. Rhymester's Far Out! Award

  132. Royal Home Page Award

  133. Scratchy's Golden Paw For Web Page Excellence

  134. Screaming Eagle Excellence Award

  135. Seraphina's Swimming Hole Award

  136. ShadowDreams Elite Site Award

  137. Sheila Troy Award

  138. Shrubbery's Homepage Pick of the Crop Award

  139. Sigillum Qualis Topp 10

  140. Silver Oink Award for a Cool Site

  141. Site of Beauty Award

  142. Smatman's Distinguished FUN Award

  143. Sophie's Award of Excellence

  144. Southern Lady's Very Special Website Award

  145. Sprynet Best of the Rest

  146. Spyder's Empire Cool Site Award

  147. Starfire's Awards for Unique Pages Only

  148. Starting Point 'Hot Web' Award

  149. Surfer's Choice 'Best of the Web' Award

  150. Swingin' Site Award

  151. The Ape Award (A Page with Excellence)

  152. The Award Ward

  153. The Best of American HTML by Scotty

  154. The Bigger Than Me Award

  155. The Big Boy Awesome Site Award

  156. The Black Spiral Award

  157. The BlackStone Award

  158. The Bottom 5% Award

  159. The Coolest of Cool Award

  160. The Critical Mass Award

  161. The Dark Crystal Award of Excellence

  162. The Elite of the Web

  163. The Enlightenment Award of Elegance

  164. The Excellence in Oddity Award

  165. The Furball Award

  166. The Glow Award

  167. The Glow Award

  168. The Golden Woof Award for Excellent Pet Pages

  169. The Hvid WebSite Excellence Award

  170. The Huck Finn Award for Excellence

  171. The KEWL Homepage Award

  172. The Kitty Corner's Choice Eye Cat-ching Site

  173. The Lady's Spirit Award of Honor

  174. The Michael Jordan Web Site Award

  175. The Mind's Eye Award

  176. The Mr. Burn's Excellence Award

  177. The Official Leprechaun Award

  178. The Real of the Godess Award of Excellence

  179. The Spirit Award

  180. The Ultimate Links & Sites Award

  181. The WOW Award

  182. This Site has OH's Approval Award

  183. Thorstad Family Website Award for Excellence

  184. Tip-Top Shape Award

  185. Tom's Totally Awesome Award

  186. Troy's Cool Page of the Day Award

  187. Unbelievable Web Page

  188. Unicorn's Choice

  189. VIPER's Sure Strike Award

  190. Web Excellence Blackmoon Rising

  191. Web Walker's 'What-A-Site' Award

  192. Webcounsel's Award for Legal Web Sites

  193. Website Excellence Award

  194. Webspinner Award

  195. Webstrands Gold Cup

  196. Wendy's Gopher of Award

  197. Who's Cool In America Award

  198. Wizard of the Web

  199. Wonderful Women of the Web

  200. World Wide Women of the Cheer Award

  201. Writer's World Award

  202. Wynterhawk's Award of Excellence