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About this script

Use this script to submit multiple URL's to popular search engines.
Most of the search engines requires only the URL and e-mail address to register the page, and the script will submit blank fields if they are not filled out. When you start the submission , a small window will pop up to control the submission. You can then continue to browse with this window. If you know about a good search engine not listed below please mail me at (but not Yahoo!) and and I may add it to the list.
Before you submit your URL, you should take a look at your pages meta tags, or use EasyMeta when you have filled out the form below

Curious about what's happening? Then mark this box before you start:

Having problems? Read the FAQ. Read some tips before starting the submission.

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Maximum number of seconds to wait for each registration before submitting to the next search engine.

Search engines:
Altavista Excite Lycos
Infoseek Webcrawler HotBot What-U-Seek
Infomak Northern Light Polarsearch AOL Netfind
Euroferret PlanetSearch Rex Anzwers
Ibcnet Infospace SearchKing UK Index
Pro Find Powercrawler Fireball Intersearch
Jayde Surfgopher Google Netscape
Searchhound Black Widow and more to come...

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